Courses / Training programmes are selected and designed keeping in view the training needs of target groups mentioned above. Course Curriculum, course material and exercises are prepared accordingly. Continuous training evaluation is done during and after the programme for redesigning ESTC training activities. Workshops and seminars are also organised involving industry representatives and Govt. agencies to discuss matters of mutual interest and recent technological developments. Training programmes are conducted within and outside ESTC.

ESTC training calendar for the whole year is prepared in the month of February each year for the following year. Details of training programmes is available in training calendar which can be down loaded through the link given below. For on line provisional registration , CLICK on Registration Form link given below

Road Map

City Station Departure time Arrival time Ramnagar to ESTC
Delhi to Ramnagar (240Km) Old Delhi Railway station- Ranikhet Exp. (5013) 22:40 05:00 By Auto (5Km)
Anand Vihar Bus station Delhi Direct Bus service (Uttaranchal, UP & DTC roadways) from 06:00 to 20:30 (takes 7 hrs.) By Auto or Vikram from Ghasmandi (5Km)
Lucknow to Ramnagar (450Km) Char Baugh railway station- BSB DDN Exp. (4265) 19:50 06:30 By Auto (5Km)
Moradabad to Ramnagar (90Km) Moradabad Roadways station Direct Bus service from 05:00 to 17:00 By Auto or Vikram from Ghasmandi (5Km))
Moradabad Private Bus station-
Haldwani to Ramnagar (57Km) Kaladhungi Bus station- Direct Bus service from 05:00 to 17:00 By Auto or Vikram from Ghasmandi (5Km)