The lab has been set up with the objectives of providing services and training in electronic product design, testing & repairs. Micro processor applications is the major thrust area in the lab. Short terms training programs on variety of topics such as "Industrial applications of microprocessors", "Microprocessor programming", "PLC programming & maintenance of AC/DC drives", "Electronic instrument repair and maintenance", "Electronics weighing machine repair" and "Manufacturing & repair of digital instruments", "Electronic Assembly ","Wave Soldering"," SMT"," Antistatic Procedures", "Inverter Assembly" etc. are conducted in the lab regularly. Long term training programs for one year and two years duration namely "Post diploma in applied electronics" and 'Diploma in applied electronics" respectively are also being run.

Technical services available from the cell are :

              PCB assembly including wave soldering & SMT facility, Repair & maintenance of electronic equipments/ Instruments/ Process equipment, Prototype design & development of electronic systems, EPROM programming etc.

 Consultancy :

            The cell is equipped to provide consultancy for Electronic industry, Selection of electronic equipment/ Tool/ Plant & Machinery, Facility design, Process modification & Design of electronic systems including Microprocessor based systems.

 Training Programms Available from the cell are :-

1. Post Diploma in Applied Electronics
2. Diploma in Applied Electronics.
3. Repair & Maintenance of Electronics equipments
4. Industrial Applications of Microprocessor
5. PLC Programming & maintenance of AC/DC drives

Major equipment available in the cell are :-

1. Microprocessor Trainer Kit.

2. Micro controller (8031) trainer kit
3. Digital Trouble shooting kit
4. Microprocessor based Data Acquisition Kit.
5. Universal Programmer and tester (specially useful for Programming EPROM and Microcontrollers)
6. DC Regulated Power Supplies
7. Single & Dual Trace CRO's
8. Multimeters (Analog & Digital)
9. RF & AF Signal Generators.
10. All kinds of tools & components



The lab conducts urses on different microcontrollers focussing on different programming languages and industrial applications. The lab also handles advanced level courses in embedded system design including embedded ‘C’ format. The lab is also open to offer any kind of services in microcontroller and allied fields.

Training programmes :

1. Microcontroller Programming (8051)

2. Microcontroller Programming (PIC16F877A)

3. Microcontroller Programming Skills in Embedded 'C'

4. Embedded System Design

Facilities :

1. Hardware Training Module for Microchip PIC Controllers

2. Hardware Training Module for Intel 8051

3. Atmel AVR Development Board

4. ARM7 Development Board

5. MPLAB Integrated Development Environment and In-circuit debuggers

6. Microcontroller programmer for 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM7

7. Universal microcontroller programmer

8. Basic Electronic Equipments for design and development support