PCB Design cell is equipped with all modern facilities for Multilayer PCB designs.

The facility is available to the entrepreneurs / industries for design/ redesign of all kinds of PCB's.

 Important Training Programmes available are :-

(i) Post Diploma/ Diploma in PCB Technology.
(ii) Certificate course in PCB Technology.
(iii) CAD for PCB Design

Major Equipment/Software available

 (i) PCB design softwares CADSTAR and PROTAL
(ii) Laser Printer - HP Laserjet 4 V - A 3 size
(iii) Plotter DMP 42
(iv) Plotter HP 7475
(v) Hipad Digitizer
(vi) Pentium Computers .


             This facility is equipped for manufacture of single sided and double sided plated through hole PCB's. Specialised machines available in this facility are - CNC PCB drilling machine, Beta Scope, HAL machine, Etching machine, Deoxidation machine, Developing machine, Laminator, Chemical line, Dark room equipments and Screen printing equipment etc. Services of all these equipment and machines are available to the entrepreneurs for regular production of PCB's at nominal service charge. Long terms and short terms training programmes on PCB manufacturing are conducted in this facility round the year. Few important programmes are "CNC PCB drilling machine operation", "Photo film development", "Screen Printing" and PCB manufacturing. All these programmes on PCB design and manufacturing are well recognised by the industry and ESTC trained personnel are working in almost all the PCB industries of North India.

Important Training Programmes available are:

(i) Post Diploma/ Diploma in PCB Technology.
(ii) Certificate course in PCB Technology.
(iii) Operation & use of CNC PCB Drilling Machine .
(iv) Operation & use of Hot Air Levelling Machine.

Major Equipment available are

Dark Room:

(i) Vertical Camera
(ii) Retouching Desk
(iii) Developing facility

 Yellow Room:

(i) Laminator
(ii) Exposure Unit
(iii) Developer

Inspection Room:

(i) Hole dia gauge
(ii) Hole inspector
(iii) Jig Magnifier
(iv) Thickness Coating measuring equipment - Beta Scope.

Mechanical Operations:

(i) C.N.C. Drilling Machine
(ii) High Speed optical Manual Drilling Machine
(iii) Shearing Machine
(iv) Punching Machine
(v) Angle Cutter

Screen Printing

(i) Vaccum flat bed equipment
(ii) Exposure Unit.

Chemical Room:

(i) Metalisation Line (P.T.H. & Pattern Plating)
(ii) Etching Machine
(iii) Gold Plating Equipment
(iv) Mechanical De-oxidation

Other Machines:

(i) Water Deioniser
(ii) Ovens
(iii) Roller Tinning Machine
(iv) Hot Air Lev